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START UP Founderships

START UP Founderships


START UP Founderships are educational grants that provide six months of funding and intensified support. Our aim is to create an environment where you can focus exclusively on talking to users and building your product or service to get you to the point where you’ve created something impressive enough to raise money on a larger scale.

START UP A flying start

Founderships consist of a £7,500 stipend to support your living costs over six months (£11,250 for teams) and access to grant funding for personal and business development costs, requested and released as your business takes shape.

Unlike similar schemes, we require no equity to take part.

Our goal is to get you through that critical proof of concept stage and, through intensified 1-to-1 support, enhance your entrepreneurial capacity and resilience, supporting you to overcome barriers to market entry. 



We are looking for individuals with big ambitions and big ideas (across all sectors).

To be eligible for a Foundership you must:

  • Be working with a member of the START UP Team at Newcastle University (Start-up Adviser or Business Adviser).  
  • Have undertaken research that validates your market opportunity.
  • Be pre-trading (pre-revenue/ pre-external funding) with a compelling case for acceleration based on personal, business and/or market circumstances. To illustrate, compelling circumstances could include, first-mover advantage; financial restrictions that would prevent you from pursuing the business opportunity.  
  • Be able to demonstrate growth potential in your idea.
  • Have demonstrated personal drive and commitment.
  • Be a recent Newcastle University graduate (up to three years) and must be based in Newcastle upon Tyne for the 6 month duration of a Foundership 

How to apply

How to apply

If you are not already working with one, you should make an appointment to meet a START UP Adviser who will get to know you and your business and support you to develop your concept and determine your eligibility for a Foundership.

Please drop into the Careers and Enterprise Centre, Level 1, King’s Gate and speak to one of the Information Team who will have an initial discussion with you and book you an appointment, or contact us via phone or online.


Our Founders

Learn more about the 2017-18 cohort of Founders below. Follow us on Medium to read interviews with START UP founders.