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Online Resources

On-demand resources to help you develop and test your ideas for a business start-up or self-employed freelance career.

Supporting you and your business

We're here to help you explore working for yourself. These resources can help you at any stage, whether you're exploring initial ideas, launching your business, or growing your business.

Explore working for yourself

Develop your business

  • Use Value Proposition Canvas to define your product-market fit. Watch this video on how to use the canvas.
  • Use Business Model Canvas to create a business plan. Watch this video on how to use the canvas.
  • Use COBRA for insights on specific business-related topics. To access COBRA, log in to MyCareer and click on the Resources tab in the top right corner
  • Use MINTEL, Passport and Statista for access to the latest information, trends and statistics as part of your secondary market research. These platforms are available to current students through the Newcastle University Library. Graduates can access MINTEL through BIPC North East in the City Library, in-person. Check with your local BIPC branch if you are no longer in Newcastle.
  • Use the Mom Test to understand what questions to ask in your primary market research. Take a look at our recommended reading list for details on this book and others available in the Philip Robinson Library.

Establish your business