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What Do Graduates Do?

If you're wondering what your course might lead to, finding out what other graduates do could help.

Graduate outcomes

All graduates who complete a higher education course in the UK are asked to take part in HESA's Graduate Outcomes survey.

The survey looks at what they were doing 15 months after their studies. The results can help you gain an insight into career destinations and development.

For nationwide results, see:

What do Newcastle graduates do?

You might be curious to see examples of what our graduates do after they finish their studies.

Our NCL Graduate Employment Outcomes directory shows:

  • details of graduates who finished their studies between 2017-2021
  • records of employment, including full-time, part-time and self-employed work.

You can explore the information by school and individual course.

The data is from HESA’s annual Graduate Outcomes survey. To protect graduates’ confidentiality, we can’t provide course data where the sample size is too small.

Comparing graduate destinations

National press league tables use HESA's Graduate Outcomes data. They compare different institutions, usually on a subject basis.

Each league table uses a different method to generate their results, so take care in drawing conclusions from them.