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Interviews for Medical School

It is likely that you will take part in an interview for medical school, and preparation is essential. Find out more about interviews for medical school.

The medical school interview process varies between institutions. Some medical schools don't interview. Some interview a few candidates and some interview everyone.

Medical schools use different kinds of interviews to evaluate candidates.

They want to see evidence that you:

  • are able to make quick, rational decisions
  • can communicate information clearly under pressure
  • have an understanding of the issues surrounding a career in medicine

During your application, you may encounter one or all the following types of medical interview.

Types of medical school interview

Read on for information on the different type of medical school interview.

Interviews at different universities

The interview process can differ at each institution. See some examples below, or contact the school directly to find out more.

Preparing for your interview

We recommend the following when preparing for your medical school interview:

  • review your personal statement
  • reflect - what did you do or observe during your work experience or shadowing experience? Think about the most interesting, unexpected, worst and best things that you observed. What did you learn from them? Have you applied anything you've learned?
  • find out what you can about the format. Research possible questions and think about how you would answer them
  • avoid using very technical terms. You may have more clinical knowledge that those assessing you. Interviews are conducted by a range of professionals and you may not only be interviewed by a doctor. Your interviewers could be careers professional, actors, professional support staff, and teaching staff. This is particularly so in MMIs
  • be aware of your body language and non-verbal communication
  • plan your journey to the interview or check your technology for an online interview
  • decide what you are going to wear. Some medical schools have guidance about how they expect you to dress for interview. We have Make it Happen funding available if you need help with the cost of an interview outfit

Resources for your interview research

You might find the following useful for your interview preparation research:

Interview practice

If you have a medical school interview lined up , we may be able to offer an interview coaching session. Go to MyCareer to book an appointment.

We can help you to prepare for your interview. We can also book your interview coaching session if there is availability.

If no interview coaching sessions are available you can book a guidance appointment on MyCareer. Here you can practise answering typical medical school interview questions with a careers consultant.