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Careers Service Placement Year Module

Careers Service Placement Year Module

Graduate with the skills employers are looking for. Get academic credit for a year of in-depth experience.

The Careers Service Placement Year Module is a 120 credit module completed over the course of the placement year (9-12 months). It's available to penultimate year students on selected degree programmes and will count towards your final degree classification.

The module gives you the chance to:

  • experience searching and applying for employment opportunities
  • undertake practical work experience that will benefit your academic study and longer term career plans
  • apply your knowledge and skills in the work place and reflect on your development
  • learn how to explain what you have achieved to future employers


You will be expected to undertake 1200 hours on this module. The majority of your time will be taken up with hours spent at your placement. It also includes time spent completing the assessment activities.

You must complete 1131 hours at your placement before 31 May. Your hours will only count towards the required module total starting from the end of the academic year.  

You will take part in a structured programme of learning and teaching delivered across your time at placement, through the Careers Service. This may include online tutorials facilitated through Canvas, one to one tutorials and other forms of contact. These will support you in setting goals to work towards during your placement, and develop your knowledge and skills.

You will be allocated a module tutor who will be your point of contact for all academic activity on this module and who will support you through your learning.


Our assessment aims to: 

  • help you demonstrate your learning from the module through the placement
  • encourage you to develop your employability skills

It will include:

  • 3 formative submissions across the academic year
  • final personal impact and development report
  • supervisor evaluation (from your employer)

Assessment will be conducted via the Careers Service Curriculum Team on a pass/fail basis.


Find out who manages your placement year on our Placements page to find out if you can sign up for our module, or who to contact in your school if you can't.

You are only eligible to register for the Careers Service Placement Year Module once you have a placement approved by the Careers Service. 

How to register

Once you have found out who manages your placement year, you can register your interest and find out more about the Careers Service Placement Year.

If your placement year is managed by your school, you won't be able to register for this module. Follow the instructions for School Managed Placement Years instead.