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Career Planning

Deciding on your career path takes time, research and planning - it’s never too early to start.

This can often feel daunting, so it may help to remember for most people, the ‘perfect’ job or career doesn’t exist. People tend to have on average up to three different careers during their working life, so you don’t need to plan too far ahead at this stage. Focus instead on the next two to five years.

Few people have a ‘grand’ career plan when they leave university. However, you can still do something now to help you move forward, rather than waiting for inspiration to strike.

Pursue the things you’re curious about. It doesn’t have to be the job you do for the rest of your life. Sometimes it’s better to leave yourself open to opportunities by taking small steps. As a starting point, see Making Career Choices.

Book an online guidance appointment with one of our expert careers consultants via MyCareer, who will help you to explore your ideas and plans. 

If you're unsure about your choice of degree or university, you may want to consider changing or leaving your course.

Taking time out

You might decide you'd like to take some time out before embarking on a career. For advice and resources to help you plan, see Taking Time Out.

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