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Further Study

Identify study options and get advice on applications and funding.

Further Study

Thinking of further study?

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Undertaking further study can involve a significant commitment of time and finance. It's important to think about what is motivating your interest before pursuing a Master's, PhD or other course of study.

There are many positive reasons behind the decision to pursue further study, including:

  • to pursue your interest in a particular subject
  • to improve your career prospects or change career direction
  • as a requirement for a particular career - medicine, dentistrylaw, teaching
  • a desire to work in academia
  • to develop a new skill or for personal enjoyment or satisfaction

If you are considering further study for any of the following reasons, you might need to consider your decision more thoroughly:

  • feeling unready for a job - will you feel ready after further study?
  • because your tutor/parents recommend it - you have to complete the course, not them
  • to extend student life - life as a postgraduate is more demanding

See also Targetpostgrad - Why do postgraduate study? and The Guardian - Here's what to ask yourself before taking a master's degree

If you're struggling to decide if further study is right for you, it might help to talk to a careers consultant

Finding and choosing your course

You'll need to carry out research before applying. Find out how to choose your course and select the right study option for you.

Search for courses in your chosen study area using finding courses.

Once you've decided on the course you want to study you'll need to make an application for further study.

Funding your studies

Further study can offer the path to the future you want, but one large obstacle may be standing in the way - money. Find information for funding your studies.

Applying for medical school or teacher training

For routes into further study of medicine, dentistry or teaching, visit:

International students and further study in the UK

Non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationals wishing to undertake UK-based postgraduate study must apply to the Home Office to extend their 'leave to remain' in the UK. For further information, see UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA).

For international students, in addition to the resources on these pages, Prospects: Study in the UK – includes an overview of the UK education system, including funding and visa information.

Who you can talk to

Making decisions isn't easy, so you might want to consider talking things through with the following people:

  • careers consultant
  • personal tutor or dissertation supervisor
  • family, friends or others who know you well

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