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Insight Days

Insight Days

Career insight days provide an opportunity to experience what it is like to work in a professional environment and learn about an organisation’s structure and culture.

Many large organisations have started to offer structured insight days, or weeks, typically aimed at first year students. These tend to take place over Easter or summer, and can go by different names, such as spring weeks (banking sector) or vacation schemes (legal sector). 

It’s possible to gain an insight into working in a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME), however this is more likely to be through arranging work shadowing. 

Benefits of doing an insight day 

Insight days can help you to: 

  • develop commercial awareness  
  • understand the culture of a particular organisation, which can help you tailor your applications for further experience or graduate jobs 
  • learn about different opportunities and roles within an organisation, to help you decide where your future career interests lie 
  • provide evidence of your motivation to work in the sector when applying for graduate jobs 
  • make contacts within the sector and potentially arrange further work experience where you can take a more practical role 

Insight days don’t tend to be paid, as you’re not employed, or completing significant work for the organisation. However, they usually cover expenses such as travel and lunch. Opportunities which last a week or longer are more likely to offer payment.  

When to apply 

Applications for insight days tend to open in September and some may still be available up to March. Opportunities with large companies can be competitive and will close early in some sectors, particularly banking.  

CVs, applications and LinkedIn profiles provides useful advice on how to write an effective CV, covering letter and application form. 

Finding opportunities  

You could also consider work shadowingas a way to arrange a practical insight into your area of interestMaking contactshas information on building up your network can allow you to explore industry contacts. 

Further information 

Events to look out for 

Recruitment fairs are not just for graduate jobs. Some employers at our events may also offer insights, so go along and find out more about their opportunities. 

At ouremployer and sector insights events, you can hear about their organisations, build your network and ask questions. 

We also list events from external organisations. These can include opportunities to find out about work experience. 

You might also be interested in 

Work shadowing is another way to arrange a practical insight into your area of interest. The Careers Service offers work shadowing programme for first years

Our list of external competitions often include work experience as a prize.  

To find out more about the opportunities undertaken by Newcastle University students, including case studies and top tips, visit the Experience Newcastle blog. 



Newcastle Hospital Insight Day

This year’s Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust insight day and the associated briefing has been cancelled due to the associated risks and current pressures on the hospital and staff managing the COVID-19 situation.

As normal practice within healthcare is likely to take some time to return, we will not be rescheduling this experience for the 19/20 academic year.

For students who have applied to the insight day we hope to schedule a replacement event at the university. We plan to have Consultants and Physician Associates in attendance to give you the opportunity to gain some insights into these professions and ask questions. This is highly dependent on how events play out in the upcoming months and will likely not take place until June at the earliest.

We will send further updates regarding this possibility as they develop.