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Dance, spin and stretch your way to fitness in our multi-sensory, purpose-built studios.

Our new studios provide everything you need to get the most from your workout, whether you fancy:

  • some breathing space with yoga
  • a disco-themed spin class
  • a high-energy zumba class

Our five studios boast cutting-edge technology and the best equipment on the market. This includes:

  • lighting and sound effects
  • Les Mills Smart Tech equipment
  • world-class spin cycles

Discover more about the individual studios below.

Studio 1

Studio 1 hosts both virtual and instructor-led group exercise classes. This studio features:

  • world-class audiovisual experiences using projectors and sound systems
  • HIIT counter display with large countdown, to keep you on track in timed workouts

Studios 2 and 4

Studios 2 and 4 are multi-purpose studios for instructor-led group exercise sessions.

Both studios use projectors and sound systems to bring you a world-class audiovisual experience

Studio 2 also has a HIIT counter display with large countdown to keep you on track during timed workouts.

Studio 3

Studio 3 is the Mind and Body studio. It is perfect for yoga and pilates. As well as a sound system, it features lighting effects. They help bring calm and mental focus to your workouts, combining:

  • colour
  • colour intensity
  • rhythm

Spin studio 1

Take a spin in our brand-new, high-tech spin cycling studio. It will offer live and virtual classes from May 2020.

Until the Spin Studio opens in May, head to the Sports Hall North Wing. It hosts a pop-up gym with spin cycles.

Your ‘real-road’ cycling experience indoors

Our new spin studio is set up with innovative Technogym indoor cycles. They give you a smooth, quiet yet realistic road bike experience.

Enjoy projected images, lighting and sound effects for the illusion of being outdoors.

More power to improve your performance

Technogym’s Group Cycle Connect is the world’s only indoor bike that tracks workout data in real-time. This includes your:

  • speed
  • distance
  • calories
  • cadence
  • power output
  • heart rate
  • resistance level

Understanding your performance allows you to make changes mid-workout. This helps you to keep improving.

You can even track and save your data on your smartphone via a touchscreen console.