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Strength and Conditioning

Helping you realise your peak performance in sport.

Supporting High Performance Athletes 

Newcastle's strength and conditioning department supports high performance student-athletes in their pursuit of sporting excellence. We provide individualised coaching delivered within a programme of athletic development and injury mitigation

Improve Physical Performance

Not only does S&C training improve physical performance qualities but it also promotes the necessary durability and resilience that underpins athletic robustness. This is essential to tolerate the demands of the sport and ultimately increases athlete availability to train and compete.

Coaching Philosophy

Programme delivery is dictated by the needs analysis of the sport. An athlete’s readiness to train is recorded using a screen to identify deficits in the athletic profile. This will then determine the strategy used to raise abilities and bridge the gap between individual preparedness and known KPI’s inherent within the sport.

Training Principles

  • Physically move well – “control what you already have”
  • Progressively overload movements – “produce and accept force”
Do you move efficiently? Do you get out what you put in?
Have you raised your maximal abilities?
  • Express force quickly – “execute movements at gamespeed”
    Can you explode, brake and rapidly change direction?
  • Develop work capacity – “demonstrate repeatability”
Are you able to sustain the required efforts?

Session Details

Training runs throughout both the competitive season and the vacation period. Typical training sessions involve:

  • physical literacy
  • prehabilitation
  • weightlifting
  • speed, agility and/or plyometrics

Fundamental Human Movement Patterns

In an ideal scenario you’d look to select exercises hitting the following movement patterns; Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, Rotate or Brace in each session.


The benefits of training extend beyond the physical. Not only will our coaches set high standards and hold you to those standards, your commitment to training will develop a healthy work ethic. You will grow skills in accountability, responsibility and discipline.

Do your behaviours match your goals?

We will always explain the reasoning behind the prescribed exercise. Understanding the ‘whys’ behind your training programme will ensure that you stay motivated and focused. Hopefully after your time with us you will graduate as a self-sufficient trainer capable of directing your own training and using those skills in all departments of your life.

“We believe sport is a vital part of the university student experience.”

Meet the Coaches