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Biosciences Institute

Biosciences Institute

Understanding the science of life

We house over 100 research groups which bring together biochemists, bioengineers, and cellular, molecular, systems and computational biologists, to form a vibrant multi-disciplinary community. 

Our research in the fundamental biology of life drives forward our mechanistic understanding of human illness and disease with the ultimate goal of improving human health. We work closely with both the Translational and Clinical Research Institute and Population Health Sciences Institutefacilitating the translation of our fundamental research. 

We are passionate about educating and training the next generation of bioscientists, and research led teaching is at the heart of what we do

Our vision is to unravel basic biological processes and solve major biomedical challenges, generating knowledge that is vital to human health and the next generation of clinical therapies.

Professor Joris Veltman, Biosciences Institute Dean