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Translational and Clinical Research Institute

Transforming our research into life-changing treatments and improving patient outcomes.

Research in our Institute works to increase our understanding of human diseases so we can improve outcomes for patients in our city, our region and worldwide.  

We translate the knowledge we gain in the laboratory into new diagnostic tests and treatments which we trial in clinical studies in patients. We are proud of our recent impacts on medical advancements which include:

  • a novel compound used in the treatment of ovarian cancer
  • a treatment to inhibit part of the immune system and prevent kidney failure
  • in vitro fertilisation technique to prevent mitochondrial disease transmission from parent to child
  • reversal of type 2 diabetes using dietary intervention

Our work in human illness and disease identifies new areas for mechanistic study and challenges for healthcare delivery. This work is explored with researchers in our partner Institutes:

Our research is multi-disciplinary and brings together scientists, clinical academics, experts in technology and NHS clinicians to address the major challenges faced in clinical medicine.