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Translational and Clinical Research Institute

Translational and Clinical Research Institute

Transforming our research into life-changing treatments and improving patient outcomes.

Our mission

Our research aims to improve outcomes for patients in our city, our region and worldwide.

We translate the understanding of fundamental disease mechanisms from the laboratory into patients. We achieve this through clinical observational studies and interventional trials.

Our work in human illness and disease identifies new areas for mechanistic study. This covers work in the laboratory and healthcare delivery evaluation.

Thriving research environment

Our scientists, clinical academics and NHS clinicians form a thriving interdisciplinary research environment. They share knowledge and expertise in the pursuit of:

  • new diagnostics
  • therapeutics and medical interventions
  • generating impact through clinical implementation and adoption

Our innovation hubs provide advanced methodology. They also offer access to a supportive infrastructure.

The NIHR Biomedical Research Centre is a central pillar in our translational research activities. We focus on ageing and long-term conditions. The centre brings together university and clinical researchers.

We house clinical trials unit and clinical research facility. They are both funded by the National Institute for Health Research.

We also work with partners in local NHS Trusts. They provide comprehensive support across all trial stages.

The John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre is internationally renowned for its research. It aims to improve diagnosis, care and therapies for these disorders.

Research themes

The Institute leads on the following cross-cutting research themes:

Institute staff


Professor Andrew Blamire


Tel: 0191 208 5633

Deputy Deans

Sophie Hambleton


Volker Straub


Head of Operations

Liz Wood


Tel: 07590 468022

Institute Operations Manager

Sarah Kendall