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Benefit from the skills of our talented students through subsidised internships

NCL Internships

The Careers Service offers funding to support eligible businesses with a student internship.

The benefits of recruiting an NCL Internship student include:

  • cost effective solution to recruitment needs
  • flexible on duration
  • brings a fresh perspective to your organisation
  • can be remote or in the workplace
  • support for a wide range of projects
  • a great way of accessing potential future hires

We will:

  • offer a recruitment service, including advertising and shortlisting
  • facilitate the internship throughout
  • handle all administration

For us, NCL Internships are great as it gives exposure to potential new employees. We've taken on a number of interns into graduate positions, as it's a great way to fully assess student ability, without the formalities of a heavy interview process.

Rose Walker, Talent Manager, Oliver Wyman

We can support a wide range of projects. NCL internships are available to students from all courses and stages.

Internships usually vary from 50 - 400 hours in duration and can take place:

  • part time during the academic year
  • full or part time over the summer vacation

Please note funding is limited. To discuss internship ideas or for further information, please contact us.