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Practise Your Interview

Practise Your Interview

If you have an interview coming up, the Careers Service can help you practise and improve your interview technique.

If you have an interview date in place, we may be able to offer an online interview coaching session with a careers consultant. To request help with preparing for an interview or to arrange an interview coaching session, log into MyCareer and click on Queries at the top of the screen.

Video interview practice

Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular with graduate employers in the early stages of recruitment. They can save companies time and money, as applicants can record their interviews from home. This can be useful for candidates too, as you can choose a time that suits you to complete it.

However, they’re not without their challenges. Not everyone is comfortable on camera and it can be distracting to see yourself on screen. It is also a much less personal experience as you won’t be speaking to a real person, and so there are no non-verbal cues to help you gauge your performance. You’ll typically be presented with written questions or a video of an interviewer asking pre-recorded questions. You’re given a short amount of time to think about your answer, then you’ll have to record your answer on video within a set time limit.

To help you prepare for video interviews, it’s really useful to practice to get a sense of what it’s like before you do the real thing. We have two platforms to choose from below. With each, you can review your recordings after the interview to see how you come across on screen. As well as reviewing the content of your answers, think about your body language and tone of voice – how effective are these? This is a great opportunity to put yourself in the place of a recruiter – what did you do well and what could have been improved.