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Interviews and Assessment Centres

This is your chance to impress the recruiter. Preparation is essential.

Interviews and assessments

Congratulations, you've been invited to an interview or assessment centre.

This means that you’ve convinced the employer that you meet the basic requirements for the position. You now have the chance to demonstrate to the selectors that:

  • you can do the job (skills)
  • you want the job (motivation)
  • you will fit into the organisation (values)

During the interview or assessment centre, your knowledge of the position and organisation will be explored, along with the skills and experience you have gained and whether these mean you would be able to do the job.

Preparation is key. Find advice and resources on how to prepare for your interview and on the typical exercises involved in an assessment centre.

Use our interview simulator to practise your interview and find advice and tips for what you should do during and after the interview.

As part of the recruitment process, you may also have to complete a psychometric test.

Students' interview and assessment centre experiences

Read about our students and graduates' experiences of interviews and assessment centres with a range of graduate recruiters. You can gain useful hints and tips to help you through the selection process, whether for a graduate job, placement or further study.

If you have recently attended an interview or assessment centre, you can add your own experience by completing our feedback form. Your interview feedback is invaluable for other students and graduates.

The views reflected in these reports are personal opinions and do not in any way reflect the views of the Careers Service.

Getting help

Talk to us about preparing for interviews and assessment centres at our drop-in sessions, no appointment needed.

We also offer a range of careers workshops to help you prepare, including 'how to succeed at interviews' and 'have a go at an assessment centre'. For dates and times, see our Events section.