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Social Media

Find out more about how using social media can benefit your career.

Connecting with potential employers through social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram can help with career choices, applications, interviews and assessment centres.

Social media can also make researching an employer easier. Use it to find out more about what they do and current issues affecting their business. This can help you write more effective applications and gain confidence for interviews.

Liking, following, commenting and asking questions shows an interest in an  organisation/sector.

Social media can also be valuable for speculative applications.

Further information

The following provide information about using social media for job hunting:

Watch your 'digital footprint'

Employers are increasingly searching the internet before selecting candidates, including looking at social media. There have been cases where employers have withdrawn job offers to people who have made inappropriate or negative comments about the company or its staff.

You have control of the image you project. Make sure you know what the privacy settings are for your social media accounts. Manage your digital footprint well and you can use it to make a positive impression. Check that whatever you write on a public website is something that you would be happy for a potential recruiter to see.

More help

If you need more help using social media for your career - call in to the Careers Service, no appointment needed.