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Social Media

Find out more about how using social media can benefit your career.

Connecting with potential employers through social media, such as LinkedIn or Twitter, can help with career choices, applications, interviews and assessment centres.

Signing up for regular social media updates can also make researching an employer easier. You can find out more about what they do and current issues affecting their business. This can help you write more effective applications and give you more confidence at interviews.

Liking, following, commenting and asking questions shows an interest in their organisation/sector.

Social media can also be invaluable for speculative applications.

Assess your ‘digital footprint’

Before connecting with an employer through social media, you need to be aware of your ‘digital footprint’. Think about your prospective employer - what is the first thing they will see if they ‘Google’ you? Will they approve?

It’s estimated that up to 70% of employers look up candidates on social media sites or search engines. However this may change, as guidelines published by EU data protection agencies have proposed that employers should have a legal justification before checking social media accounts of their current or prospective employees.

You have control of the image you project to potential employers. Manage your digital footprint well and you can use it to make a positive impression.

Think about:

  • your image - use an appropriate profile photograph or avatar
  • privacy - check settings to see who can access your profile
  • your impact - avoid discussing current or past jobs negatively
  • a consistent profile - match your online profile with your ‘paper profile’
  • personal versus professional - what does your network say about you?
  • discretion - don’t give too much information

Websites to help manage your online reputation

The following websites provide advice on managing your online reputation:

Help from Careers Service

Attend our careers workshops on using social media. For dates and times, see Events.

If you need more help using social media for your career, come in and talk to an information adviser. No appointment is necessary.