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The ENACT Web App: Learn Language Through Culture

Making learning a foreign language accessible and relevant.


ENACT is a free web app which was launched on 1 February 2021. With the ENACT interactive player you can learn a foreign language through the foreign culture by carrying out a cultural activity. Our app shows you how.

Learn Japanese while you’re making an origami boat or Turkish while you’re making a shadow puppet! Your smartphone or tablet will talk you through the stages of doing the activity, with photos, text, audio and video to help. In this way you can:

  • learn something about a country’s language and culture before you visit it
  • understand more about the languages and cultures of the world
  • produce something beautiful

Learning by physically engaging in an activity brings the language and culture to life and helps cross-cultural understanding. The learning experience is memorable as it involves touch and all your senses.

Some activities have 360° videos and images which offer you an immersive experience. You’ll watch a video introducing you to the activity and culture, then learn the most important words. A video will show you in detail how you can carry out the activity yourself in your own home. You can then:

  • assess how much you’ve learnt
  • evaluate what you’ve produced
  • send messages to others in our online community