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Pedagogic Innovation

Curriculum, technology, environment and internationalisation.

Inclusive practices

Our work explores the impacts of the total learning environment on teaching and learning practices and outcomes. We work to effect educational change.

We provide alternative models for the curriculum and environment for pupils, teachers and schools. This helps them to maximise inclusive practices and learner-centred approaches.

Examples of such work includes:

  • project-based learning
  • inquiry learning
  • community curriculum making
  • understanding the increasing impact of technology in education
  • challenges to the traditional role of the teacher

Self-organised learning environments (SOLEs) are a form of innovative pedagogy.

This method sees students self-organise in groups and learn using a computer with minimal teacher support. Our SOLEs research has driven debate worldwide on the future design of education.

We also advance knowledge of teaching and learning in innovative learning environments. They include open plan and flexible spaces, and outdoor learning.

Examples of our recent work

Examples of our recent work includes:

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