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International Development and Global Education

Our research aims to inspire and empower young people from disadvantaged communities.

Inclusive and collaborative

Our research is interdisciplinary, and engenders a supportive and responsible research culture.

We are inclusive and encourage collaborative working. This process enables us to explore social justice whilst solving complex problems.

Our research aims to inspire and empower young people from disadvantaged communities. We focus on societally relevant challenges.

Our projects

Our Water Security and Sustainable Development Hub inspires young people from disadvantaged communities.

They come from India, Colombia, Ethiopia and Malaysia to become active global citizens. They are the next generation of climate and environmental leaders and activists.

Youth Futures

We have a project with the British Academy Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). The Youth Futures project takes an interdisciplinary approach to research. It identifies and understands India’s ongoing marginalisation of young women.

Their lack of employment opportunities arise from many factors. They include their gender, caste, religion and geographic discrimination. Wider exclusion from a sense of global citizenship is also a major issue.

This interdisciplinary project incorporates young women’s voices. This helps us to understand the key issues restricting young women’s wider engagement in Indian society. We can also look at their economic empowerment.

Early Childhood Education

The second GCRF research project focuses on Early Childhood Education and Development. It has direct relevance for the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 4.2.

It promises all children quality early childhood development, care and pre-primary education. This ensures they can be ready for primary education.

Development Frontiers

We also have a project with the Economic and Social Research Council. Development Frontiers focuses on Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. It explores the influences on creative behaviour in children living in informal communities.

Our research informs national and international policy. We have a strong track record when looking at schooling for the marginalised.