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Post-Graduate Induction Programme

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Who is this blog post for: 

This short, extended induction programme is designed to be delivered to international students studying at Master’s level in their first semester. It is about expectations, inclusion, assessment and academic writing. It contains four cultural, social and/or historical themes: Newcastle, Hallowe’en, Bonfire night, Christmas.

As a result of the extended, induction programme:

Students will know more about: 

  • how to relate to staff and students on their degree programme, 
  • criticality, 
  • independent learning, 
  • assessment, evaluation and feedback, 
  • referencing and using EndNote in academic writing.

Students will be able to: 

  • manage relationships better with each other from different countries and different contexts, 
  • develop criticality in writing and thinking, 
  • plan their time effectively, 
  • give and receive feedback for continuous improvement, 
  • present written work in accordance with academic conventions.

University staff will know more about: 

  • students’ prior experiences of teaching and learning and their impact and influence on expectations of Newcastle and the university, 
  • students’ lived prior experiences of developing criticality, 
  • students’ current understanding of independent learning, 
  • students’ understanding and application of the terms: ‘assessment’, ‘evaluation’ and ‘feedback’, 
  • students’ experiences of referencing and in-text citations in different contexts around the world. 

University staff will be able to: 

  • better understand the range of expectations from both students and teachers, 
  • plan for supporting criticality in thinking and writing, 
  • obtain feedback on activities which promote independent learning, 
  • explain assessment, evaluation and feedback processes here at Newcastle, 
  • understand students’ prior experiences of academic writing.