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Lifelong Learning and CPD

The School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences offers a range of CPD and lifelong learning for teachers and speech and language therapists.

Making time for your own personal and professional development

Lifelong learning and professional learning are at the heart of what we do. We offer opportunities to engage in learning at different junctures and in different ways, within education and within speech and language therapy.

Teachers and educators

Making sense of your students' needs, helping them to make progress and to enjoy learning is essential. You also need the skills to reflect on how leadership and the organisation of the learning environment impact on these. We recognise the value of engaging in professional development opportunities that extend your practice.


Meeting the needs of your learners and the demands made on the profession challenges you to be at the top of your game. Engaging in professional learning can fuel your own development. It helps you gain further insight, additional skills and knowledge. It supports you in your development as an extended reflected practitioner and leader.

Meeting your personal and professional development needs and the needs of our learners is a challenge we embrace. So, our programmes encourage you to push boundaries and to enrich your practice. We are developing provision to meet many different needs.

Educational Leadership Centre

The Educational Leadership Centre (previously known as North Leadership Centre) is situated within the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences and is in partnership with the NETSP (North East Teaching Schools Partnership). It provides a range of professional development programmes for teachers and school leaders regionally, nationally and globally.

Speech & language sciences

Evidence-based practice

There is the opportunity to study with us at diploma or masters level, with the Clinical Linguistics and Evidence Based Practice (Research) MSc, PGDip.

We are currently reviewing our continuing professional development at the module level in specialist areas of speech and language therapy (SLT). Watch this space for updates.