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Cultural Leadership in Education Programme 2019-20: Accounts of Practice

Welcome to our fourth edition of collection of Accounts of Practice written by participants in the Cultural Leadership in Education (CLE) Programme 2019-2020, a co-created leadership course in partnership with Culture Bridge North East. Congratulations to all participants, who despite facing numerous challenges brought upon us by the pandemic, have persevered and continued carrying out their in-school projects that form the basis of their accounts of practice. As we were not able to meet in person to celebrate the achievements of our participants and present them with a hard copy of the collection, we have opted to publish these accounts online. May I invite you to take a look through these great variety of impact projects and may the one or the other inspire you and/or give you food for thought for your own project. Finally, a thank you to all the participants

  • for their commitment to their own professional development,
  • for engaging so proactively in this programme led by Claire King and Jeanne Hales, and
  • for reminding us all of the important role culture and arts play in the development of our children and learners.

Enjoy browsing and exploring!

        Professor René Koglbauer, Executive Director, North Leadership Centre


 Click on the links below to read the relevant accounts of practice.

Raising the Profile of Visual Art 

Raising aspirations in a small inner-city school serving an area of socio-economic deprivation. Hawthorn school is working towards the Artsmark award, and used a programme of arts and culture focussed activities to support students through the upheavel of Covid-19, as well as building connections with local cultural organisations.

Chelsea Barron, Hawthorn School ‌


‌Developing Student Leadership in the Arts 

Developing student leadership in the arts in Marden High School, by involving students with an interest in the arts to focus on planning the choreography and lighting designs for the school production of ‘We Will Rock You’.

Samantha Berriman, Marden High School


Providing cultural experiences within our immediate locality 

Building cultural capitalism into the curriculum to ensure that all children could access a richer variety of experiences and opportunities within their local area throughout their time at Preston Primary.

Tanya Brown, Preston Primary


A re-design of the KS3 art curriculum to enrich and improve student experience 

Developing the KS3 art curriculum in Bolton School to encorporate a wider variety of artists and styles, and incorporating short and exciting projects, to increase engagement for a more enriching experience.

Sarah Cairns, Boldon School


Building capability in subject leadership with a focus on coaching, modelling and strategic planning to improve our cultural offer 

Developing a policy statement and overarching strategy that addresses the importance of cultural provision across art, DT, performing arts and PSHE, through the lens of disability, in Woodlawn School, North Tyneside.

Hannah Fuller, Woodlawn School 


Promoting the Inclusion of Pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties in Creative Arts

A School Development Plan to improve accessibility to learning opportunities in the area of Creative Arts for all pupils, with an emphasis on establishing opportunities for pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) to engage with relevant Creative Arts opportunities.

Samantha Johnson, Sunningdale School


‘Discovering the Arts Week’ 

Implementing and delivering Arts Award in Kirkleatham Hall school, to ensure that the Arts are fully experienced and valued by pupils with a wide range of complex needs.

Helen Newton, Kirkleatham Hall School


‌Embedding Culture into Topic Based Learning 

In a context with a high proportion of disadvantaged students, Beaumont Hill Academy's recent adoption of a holistic, topic-based curriculum, provided an excellent opportunity to engage with staff about embedding cultural experiences in teaching. This also linked with the new OFSTED framework which considers whether schools are 'equipping pupils with the knowledge and cultural capital to succeed in life'

Anna Seymour, Beaumont Hill Academy


‌How creativity can contribute to improving outcomes for children with disabilities

An action research project in Sunningdale School, discovering how the collective experience of the practitioners and teachers might animate new thinking about how creativity can contribute to improving outcomes for children with multiple, complex learning needs. The project involved participation from different creative practitioners in the region, and commissioned work to respond to various groups of students with differing barriers to overcome.

Jane Shaw, Sunningdale School


Creative Magpie - Art specific CPD 

An Art specific CPD event to bring together creative practitioners to share and 'magpie' new ideas, techniques and skills. To fill a much-needed professional development gap of subject specific training, creative dialogue and skill share for educators and creative practitioners across the North East.

Siobhan Verrall, Kenton School