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Research Impact

Our work is designed to make a difference.

Global benefits

Our research has given many people tangible and significant benefits. This includes those living in the most vulnerable of circumstances around the world.

We work to improve education for pupils and families. Those facing social and economic disadvantages and daily discrimination are our main focus.

We do this through the creation of innovative pedagogies, spaces, practices and resources.

Language interventions

We create language and literacy interventions. We also create assessments for children and adults with communication disabilities.

We do this to:

  • identify needs
  • improve difficulties
  • reduce the experience of disability
  • promote social and societal inclusion

Creative and engaged

Our research is co-produced, engaged, creative and world leading. We want to advance pedagogies and practices for equity.

We produce accessible resources emanating from our research for many groups.

They include:

  • parents and teachers
  • schools and universities
  • speech and language therapists
  • clinicians
  • charities
  • organisations

This enables impact which is powerful and transformational. It can change:

  • attitudes
  • understandings
  • practices
  • assessments
  • policies