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Impact Case Studies

Cases studies which exemplify the impact of our research.

Four impact study areas

Our research has inherent impact and we have chosen four particular areas to highlight. They showcase our impact case studies work for REF2021.

One area is 'Improving education for Roma pupils and families through translanguaging as an inclusive pedagogy'. This study focuses on the work of Heather Smith.

'Improving schooling for the poorest in developing country contexts' is another focus. It looks at the work of Pauline Dixon, Steve HumbleJames Stanfield and James Tooley.

Another area is 'Transforming children’s services to promote robust language development in young children'. It focuses on the work of James LawCristina McKean and Helen Stringer.

'Transforming the clinical practice of speech and language therapists' assessment of aphasia' is the final area.

It focuses on the work of David HowardJanet Webster, Julie Morris and Anne Whitworth.

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