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Student Profiles

Find out what our postgraduate alumni in education, communication and language sciences thought about their course and what careers they went into after graduating.

Our students are our greatest asset. Find out what careers some of our graduates have gone into and what they thought about the postgraduate community at Newcastle. We hope you enjoy reading about their successes and accomplishments.

Applied Linguistics and TESOL MA

Astari from Indonesia

Astari graduated with an MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL in 2018 and presently works as an Associate Director of Enrolment at Hult International Business School. Find out more about Astari’s journey

James from the UK

James finished his MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL in 2019 and presently works as a EAP Lecturer at Northumbria University. Read more about James’ journey

Karnteera from Thailand

Karnteera works as an Education Counsellor in Thailand, following the completion of her MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL in 2022. Read more about Karnteera’s Newcastle experience

Kotaro from Japan

Having completed his MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL in 2020, Kotaro now works as an English Teacher in Japan. Read more about Kotaro's journey

Zhe from China

Zhe completed his MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL in 2022 and presently works as a College English Teacher in China. Hear from Zhe about his Newcastle experience

Cross-Cultural Communication MA

Akiba from the UK

Akiba completed her MA in Cross-Cultural Communications and International Marketing in 2022 and currently works at the university as a Recruitment and Admissions Assistant. Hear from Akiba what she thought about the course

Amy from China

Amy returned to Newcastle for her second degree and was awarded an MA in Cross-Cultural Communication in 2022. Amy is now employed as an Academic Mentor and Lecturer in London. Find out more about Amy’s journey

Michelle from Switzerland

Michelle completed her MA in Cross-Cultural Communication & International Relations at Newcastle in 2021, and currently works as a Senior Marketing & Communication Manager in Zurich. Read more about Michelle’s journey

Oliver from Germany

Oliver graduated with an MA in Cross-Cultural Communication and International Management in 2022 and is presently employed as a Business Relations Manager at the University of Durham. Read more about Oliver’s journey

Education: International Perspectives MA

Rufei from China

Rufei completed her MA in Education: International Perspectives in 2017. After a brief gap teaching in China, she returned to Newcastle and is currently finishing her PhD researching Chinese music curriculum.

Sara from Lebanon

Sara graduated from MA Education: International Perspectives in 2016 and currently works as a Science Curriculum Coordinator and Science Teacher at an International School in Abu Dhabi.


Jordan from the UK

Jordan completed his PGCE in 2020 and now works as a Mathematics teacher. Find out what he thought about studying at Newcastle

Rebecca from the UK

After completing her PGCE in 2019, Rebecca went on to teach French and Spanish at North Shore Academy in Stockton. Hear from Rebecca about what she enjoyed the most about her course

Sophie from the UK

Sophie finished her secondary PGCE in 2020 and afterwards started to work as a Science teacher at Churchill Community College. Read more about her Newcastle experience