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Social Justice and Education

Our research works to disrupt education inequities.

Building a fairer future

As researchers, a sense of social justice motivates us. We explore perceptions and realities of fairness and equality in education. We want to build a more just future.

We have developed conceptual frameworks to explore and explain inequities. They sit alongside models of practice which are co-produced and transformative. This helps to advance our knowledge in areas such as relational justice.

Transformative action

Our research works to disrupt education inequities. We have developed a programme of work which explores how schools and other organisations can work together. This can transform communities and address disadvantage.

Our high-profile work

  • evaluates poverty proofing schools
  • explores fairness in education
  • enables academics, non-governmental organisations and community groups to work together
  • Explores and acts to transform racism in education

This helps us to deliver transformative action to address an identified need.

Learning environments

Some of our research focus on alternative learning environments. It acknowledges that physical space and material resources matter to education.

We have found that the environment can either support or constrain some teaching and learning activities. It can also convey values and aims, and can contribute to educational change.

We aim to improve how all children learn. Our commitment to emancipatory methodological and pedagogical approaches underpins much of our work.