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Learning Languages in Context

Combining technology, languages, culture and cuisine.


The Linguacuisine app allows people to use and exchange language learning recipes. Users learn languages during the real-world task of cooking.

6,750 users in 71 countries have cooked and/or exchanged language learning recipes. They cover 13 different languages and cuisines, with an estimated total of 41,600 new words learnt.

Six published studies have proven significant gains in vocabulary learning of:

  • English
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Vietnamese

Worldwide, adults and children have used the app during Covid-19 lockdown to: learn languages online at home make delicious meals for their families upload their own recipes


Our ENACT project builds on the success of Linguacuisine. With ENACT, we are developing a web app for anyone to explore and create cultural activities in many languages.

Users can learn a foreign language through the foreign culture by carrying out a cultural activity.

The app will appeal to various groups of users, such as:

  • language learners and teachers
  • people interested in heritage languages and cultures
  • organisations working with migrants and communities
  • people interested in developing their digital skills

University lecturers interested in introducing interculturality and community engagement can also benefit.

Linguacuisine is part of our ilab:learn. This has been been central for us in exploring digital technologies for education for over a decade.