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Staff Profile

Dalia Aizi

Student Experience/Engagement Officer

Dr Abdul Karim Aldohni

Senior Lecturer in Law

Professor Oles Andriychuk


Anne Archer

Assistant Librarian (Liaison)

Dr Christine Beuermann

Senior Lecturer in Law

Penny Booth

Lecturer in Law

Dr Aris Christidis

Lecturer in Law

Professor Bryan Clark

Professor of Law and Civil Justice

Professor Richard Collier

Professor of Law and Social Theory

Louise Cowan

Professor Gary Craig

Visiting Professor

Dr K Crosby

Senior Lecturer in Law

Catherine Dale

Senior Library Assistant, Law

Jasmine Davidge

Student Engagement & Pro Bono Projects Assistant

Dr Francesco De Cecco

Lecturer in Law

Dr Sylvia de Mars

Senior Lecturer in Law

Dr Tim Dodsworth

Senior Lecturer in Law

Professor Lilian Edwards

Prof of Law, Innovation & Society

Dr Sue Farran

Reader in Law

Professor Ben Farrand

Professor in Law & Emerging Technologies

Professor Alison Firth

Visiting Professor

Chris Fletcher

Undergraduate Degree Programme Director

Dr Jonathan Galloway

Head of School

Dr Myriam Gicquello

Lecturer in Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Dr Nikki Godden-Rasul

Senior Lecturer in Law

Professor Andrew Griffiths

Professor of Law

Dr Zoe Gounari

Lecturer in Law

Helen Hampson

Research Impact & Engagement Coordinator

Jane Hagger

School Manager

Gemma Hayton

Professor Kathryn Hollingsworth

Professor of Law

Dr Ruth Houghton

Lecturer in Law

Anna Jobe

Lecturer in Law

Jenny Johnstone

Senior Lecturer, Director of Engagement and Place and Pro-Bono Coordinator

Dr Bronwen Jones

Lecturer in Law

Dr Emily Jones

NUAcT Fellow: Cities and Place

Gwyneth Jones


Dr Joshua Jowitt

Lecturer in Law

Dr Elena Katselli

Reader in Public International Law

Rebecca Knight

Senior Library Assistant

Dr Tanya Krupiy

Lecturer in Digital Law, Policy & Society

Professor Paul Maharg

Professor of Practice

Dr Conall Mallory

Senior Lecturer in Law

Professor Darren McCauley

Prof of Environmental & Social Justice, research group convenor for Environmental Challenges and Law

Anna McClean

Lecturer in Property Law

Christine Melvin

Learning & Teaching Co-ordinator

Dr Emilia Mickiewicz

Lecturer in Law

Dr Sean Molloy

NUAcT Fellow: Economic & Social Sciences

Dr Sarah Morley

Lecturer in Law

Professor Richard Mullender

Professor of Law and Legal Theory

Professor Colin Murray

Professor of Law and Democracy

Lydia Nelson

Library Assistant

Dr Matteo Nicolini

Guest Member of Staff

Oliver O'Doherty

Keith Patten

Senior Lecturer in Law

Joanne Pinnock

Examinations Secretary

Professor Christopher Rodgers

Professor of Law

Samantha Ryan

Lecturer in Law

Dr Sakshi Sakshi

Lecturer in Law and Social Justice

Bethany Simpson

Lecturer in Criminal Law

Professor Rhona Smith

Professor of International Human Rights

Professor Sophia Tang

Chair in Law and Commerce

Christina Taylor

Library Assistant/Senior Liaison Assistant

Dr Ilke Turkmendag

Senior Lecturer in Law, Innovation, and Society

Dr Helene Tyrrell

Lecturer in Law

Professor Ian Ward

Professor of Law

Jennifer Wardle

Senior Lecturer in Law

Dr Derek Whayman

Lecturer in Law

Dr Elliot Winter

Lecturer in International Law

Dr Neha Vyas

Lecturer in Commercial Law

Anne Henderson

Learning & Teaching Assistant

Becca Owens

RA in Law