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Outdoor Grounds Conduct

Note the following important points when playing or watching sport at any Newcastle University Sports Ground:

  1. Car parking: park in a designated parking space. Under no circumstance should you block gateways or access routes. These should be kept clear at all times for work and emergency vehicles.
  2. Changing rooms: the grounds staff on duty will allocate changing rooms to each team. Check the notice board in the foyer to see which changing room you have been allocated
  3. Keys: changing room keys will not be allocated to any student teams. The grounds staff on duty will lock/unlock the changing rooms as required.
  4. Damage: teams/individuals will be held responsible for the repair cost of any damage to the changing rooms. Any team/individual caught damaging the changing rooms will be suspended pending a disciplinary enquiry.
  5. Boots: all players must remove their boots before entering the changing rooms.
  6. Local residents: our sports grounds are adjacent to housing and therefore we ask that you take this into consideration. Under no circumstances should you:
    • lick footballs against the local residents’ fences
    • urinate against the fences
    • climb over fences to retrieve any balls
    • use inappropriate language
  7. If your team’s ball goes over the fence, please report this to the grounds staff who will retrieve your ball at an appropriate time, which you can collect from the grounds staff at a later date.
  8. Rubbish: all teams are responsible for their players and spectators rubbish around the pitch they are playing on. There are plenty of bins scattered around the ground. Encourage everybody to dispose of their rubbish appropriately. Teams who leave the area surrounding your pitch littered with rubbish will be suspended.
  9. Toilets: do not urinate on or around the pitches, car parks or anywhere else on the ground. Please use the toilets in the changing rooms to urinate.
  10. Speed limit: the speed limit at our grounds is restricted to 10 mph. Adhere to this at all times. The roads are used regularly by students, University staff and visitors so limit your speed to avoid serious accidents.

Follow these simple guidelines to ensure the smooth operation of University Sport at our outdoor sports grounds. Any team or individual found abusing the facilities will be suspended.