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League Rules

11s Football

All players must be Newcastle University students or staff and Sport & Fitness Centre members.

If a team fields a Non-Newcastle University student(s)/staff and /or non-sport & fitness centre member(s), the sanctions for that team will be as follows:

First offence

  • Lose the game 5-0
  • 3 point deduction
  • £50 fine

Second offence

  • Lose the game 5-0
  • 6 point deduction
  • £100 fine

Third offence

  • Lose the game 5-0
  • Expelled from the league


All fixtures, league tables and results are available on the Centre’s web pages.

Matches should start at the time specified and certainly no later than 5 minutes after the designated start time. Where a late start occurs, games will be shortened accordingly to avoid running over into another booking or due to light restrictions.

All games are 90 minutes in duration: 45 minutes each way, 5 minutes half time.

Three points will be awarded for a win and one point for a draw.

Teams and players

Each team shall consist of 11 players with unlimited substitutions. Substitutions are roll on, roll off.

Each team is allowed a maximum of two players who regularly represent the University in BUCS competitions, in the squad or on the pitch at any one time.

Teams can only field students or staff from Newcastle University who are current Sport & Fitness Centre members.

If a team fails to turn up or cannot produce a team of at least seven players at kick-off, a 5-0 walk-over is awarded to the opposing team. The team failing to show up will also have 1 point deducted from their league table score.

If a team fails to turn up to play on three occasions, they will be immediately withdrawn from the league, with no refund given.

Any team failing to show up for a fixture is also responsible for paying the full referee’s fee, which is £24.

Results must be submitted via the Playwaze App.

Cancelling or rescheduling a fixture

A team can request one game to be rescheduled due to academic requirements, such as exams or field trips. The team captain must put this request in writing to the Participation & Events Officer  and the opposition captain, giving a minimum of 7 days notice.

If a team cancels any other fixture, a walkover (5–0 victory) will be awarded to the opposition team.

Teams must inform the opposition team captain and the Participation & Events Officer of their intention to cancel a fixture as soon as possible.


Each team shall consist of 11 players with unlimited substitutions. Substitutions are roll on, roll off.

Substitutions must be approved by the referee.


It is compulsory that all players wear shin guards.  Players will be asked to leave the pitch by the referee until they put on shin guards.

All jewellery and facial piercing must be removed before the start of the game.

Any injuries resulting in bleeding must be dealt with immediately.  No bleeding players are allowed on the pitch.


The referee fee is £12 per team per match.

It is the responsibility of the Participation & Events Officer to appoint a referee for every fixture. The referee appointments will be displayed on the fixture schedule in the weekly e-mail sent to captains.

If the referee does not arrive on the day of the match, the match should go ahead. It is acceptable for a competent student or individual to take charge, providing both teams verbally agree. If both captains do not agree, the game will be rescheduled later in the season.

Discipline: yellow and red cards

The league and all teams are affiliated to the NFA.

If a player receives a yellow or red card in an Intramural fixture, this will be submitted to the NFA in the referee’s report.

The NFA will send the appropriate sanctions via the Participation & Events Officer to the team captain/secretary, detailing the fine and suspension period.  The suspension relates to all 11-a-side football, and not just Intramural fixtures.

All yellow and red card fines are paid directly to the NFA within 7 days of notification.

Scoring system

Three points will be awarded for a win and one point for a draw. League positions are determined by applying the first of the following rules, which differentiates them:

  1. Points per game: Points accumulated minus any points deducted, divided by the number of fixtures played
  2. Goal difference per game: Goals scored minus goals conceded, divided by the number of fixtures played
  3. Goals scored per game: Goals scored divided by the number of fixtures played


Any player transferring to a new club and/or joining a club as a new player must advise the Participation & Events Officer.  All new players must be Sports Centre members.

Cancellation policy for bad weather

The decision to cancel fixtures for bad weather will take place by 11.00 on the day of play.  Team captains will be contacted as soon as possible.

Cup competition

If cup fixtures end in a draw, no extra time will be played. The result will be decided on penalties: 5 penalties per team followed by sudden death (if required).