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League Rules

7s Football


  1. All fixtures, league tables and results can be accessed on the Centre’s website
  2. Matches should start at the time specified and certainly no later than 5 minutes after the designated start time. Where a late start occurs, games should be shortened accordingly and not run over into another game or booking.  
  3. All games are 40 minutes in duration: 2 x 20 minutes, with 5 minutes half time.
  4. Three points will be awarded for a win and one point for a draw.
  5. A £5 referee’s fee is required from both teams prior to the start of the game.
  6. No jewellery may be worn on the pitch.
  7. It is advisable that all players wear shin guards.
  8. Any injuries resulting in bleeding must be dealt with immediately.  No bleeding players are allowed on court.
  9. The referee has the authority to sin bin players for up to 5 minutes for misconduct or continuous infringement of the rules if necessary. Any player sent off during the game will automatically miss the rest of the game.
  10. If a team cancels on the day of a match, the match is awarded as a 5-0 walkover to the opposing team. The team cancelling will also have 1 point deducted from their league table points.
  11. Any team cancelling on the day is responsible for paying the full referee's fee of £14.
  12. If a team fails to turn up, the match is awarded as a 10-0 walkover to the opposing team.  The team failing to show up will also have three points deducted from their league table points. Full referee Payment of £14 will also be required for failure to attend. 
  13. If a team fails to turn up to play on two separate occasions, they will be immediately withdrawn from the league, with no refund given.
  14. Any team failing to show up for a fixture is responsible for paying the full referee’s fee of £14.
  15. The ball can go above head height.
  16. Sliding tackles are not permitted. Infringements of this rule results in a free-kick. 
  17. The goalkeeper cannot pick up a back pass from his teammates, unless from a header/chest.  They must play the ball with their feet in this situation.  Infringements of this rule results in a penalty.
  18. When a goal is scored, play is restarted from the keeper.
  19. The keeper can throw or kick (ground or hands) the ball out at all times (in play or dead ball situation).
  20. Throw-ins must be kicked only. Defending players must be 5 yards from throw-ins. A goal cannot be directly scored from a kick-in.
  21. Players (attackers and defenders) are allowed in the box and goals can be scored in the box. Goalkeepers are also allowed to come out of the box and play the ball. 
  22. All free kicks are direct and defending players must be 5 yards from free kicks.
  23. Players taking a penalty, having addressed the ball, may only take one step before striking the ball.
  24. Heading the ball is allowed.
  25. Substitutes are roll on, roll off.
  26. All matches MUST be played on the date and time as stated on the original fixture list.  

Play-Off Rules

  1. Top four teams of each league will qualify for the play-offs.
  2. Games commence as QF, SF & Final
  3. No extra time – penalty shoot out, with 3 penalties per team followed by sudden death (if required).


All players must be Newcastle University Students/Staff and Sport & Fitness Centre members , holding either a Sport or Sport & Fitness membership

If a team fields non -Newcastle University students/staff and/or non-Sport & Fitness Centre members sanctions for that team will be as follows:

First offence

  • Lose the game 5-0
  • 3 point deduction
  • £50 fine

Second offence

  • Lose the game 5-0
  • 6 point deduction
  • £100 fine

Third offence

  • Lose the game 5-0
  • Expelled from the league