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Staff Profile

Dr Agnieszka Bronowska

Senior Lecturer in Computational Medicinal Chemistry

Dr Amir Enshaei

Professor Andrew Mellor

Prof of Translational Immunology

Dr Annette Meeson

Professor Anthony Moorman

Professor of Genetic Epidemiology

Dr Arthur Pratt

Clinical Senior Lecturer, Honorary Consulatant Rheumatologist

Dr Celine Cano

Reader in Medicinal Chemistry

Professor Deborah Tweddle

Professor of Paediatric Oncology

Dr Debbie Hicks

Newcastle University Research Fellow of Molecular Cancer Survivorship

Dr Chris Plummer

Honorary Senior Lecturer in Cardiology

Professor Christine Harrison

Professor of Childhood Cancer Cytogenetics

Dr Claudia Schneider

Principal Research Associate

Professor Colin Rees

Professor of Gastroenterology

Dr Daniel Frankel

Senior Lecturer

Dr Daniel Cole

UKRI Future Leaders Fellow

Professor Derek Mann

Professor of Hepatology

Dr Frederik van Delft

Newcastle University Research Fellow & Honorary Consultant in Adolescent Oncology

Professor Gareth Veal

Professor of Cancer Pharmacology

Professor Craig Robson

Professor of Molecular Urology

Professor Steven Clifford

Chair of Molecular Paediatric Oncology & Director, Newcastle University Centre for Cancer

Dr Luke Gaughan

Reader in Molecular Oncology

Dr Gordon Strathdee

Lecturer in Genome Instability

Emeritus Professor Greg Rubin

Emeritus Professor

Professor Ian Hickson

Prof of Cancer Drug Discovery Bioscience

Professor James Allan

Professor of Cancer Genetics

Professor Jane Endicott

Prof of Cancer Structural Biology

Dr Jennifer Munkley

Research Fellow

Dr John Leeds

Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

Professor Jonathan Higgins

Professor of Eukaryotic Molecular Cell Biology; Director of Non-Clinical Fellowships; Theme Lead, Chromosome Biology and the Cell Cycle

Professor Julie Irving

Professor of Experimental Haematology

Dr Kelly Coffey


Dr Laura Greaves

Senior Lecturer

Dr Lisa Russell

Senior Lecturer

Dr Marloes Peeters

Senior Lecturer

Professor Martin Noble

Prof of Biom Struct & Anticanc Drug Des

Dr Michael Jackson

Senior Lecturer

Dr Neil Rajan

Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Dermatologist

Professor Olaf Heidenreich

Professor of Molecular Haematology

Professor Penny Lovat

Prof of Cellular Dermatology & Oncology

Dr Ralf Kist

Lecturer in Oral Biology

Dr Richard McNally

Reader in Epidemiology

Professor Roderick Skinner

Honorary Professor of Childhood Cancer

Dr Ruchi Shukla

Newcastle University Research Fellow

Professor Ruth Plummer

Clin Prof of Experimental Cancer Med

Professor Simon Bailey

Professor of Paediatric Neuro-Oncology

Dr Simon Bomken

MRC Clinician Scientist & Honorary Consultant

Professor Helen Reeves

Professor of Liver Cancer & Honorary Consultant Gastroenterologist

Professor Steve Wedge

Prof of Stratified Cancer Med Discovery

Dr Yvette Drew

Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology

Professor Mike Waring

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Professor Linda Sharp

Professor of Cancer Epidemiology

Dr Daniel Williamson


Professor Alison Tyson-Capper

Professor of Molecular Cell Biology, Deputy Dean for Postgraduate Research

Professor Matt Rutter

Professor of Gastroenterology

Dr Sarra Ryan

CRUK Career Development Fellow

Professor Ted Schrecker

Dr Jon Sellars

Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry

Professor Adam Todd

Professor of Pharmaceutical Public Health

Professor Luke Vale

Professor of Health Economics

Dr Elizabeth Veal

Reader in Molecular Biology

Shajahan Wahed

Associate Clinical Lecturer

Dr Shoba Amarnath

Reader in Immune Regulation

Dr David Jamieson

Senior Research Associate

Dr Shelby Barnett

Research Associate

Julie Errington

Clinical Trials Analyst/Coordinator

Lulu Cvetkovic

Quality Assurance Manager

Professor Sir John Burn

Professor of Clinical Genetics

Dr Oana Bretcanu

Dr Kirsten Brandt

Senior Lecturer in Food and Human Nutrition

Dr Duika Burges Watson

Dr Christopher Bacon

Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Haematopathology

Dr Venetia Bigley

MRC Senior Clinical Fellow, Honorary Consultant Haematologist

Professor Natalio Krasnogor

Prof of Comp Science (Synthetic Biology)

Dr James Knight

Lecturer in Radiochemistry

Professor John Lunec

Gillespie Prof of Molecular Oncology

Professor Georg Lietz

Professor of International Nutrition

Professor Akane Kawamura

Professor of Chemical Biology

Professor Kenneth Dalgarno

Sir James Woodeson Professor of Manufacturing Engineering

Dr Jeyanthy Eswaran

Research Lead and Assistant Dean of Research

Dr Piergiorgio Gentile

Senior Lecturer in Bioengineering

Dr Ana Ferreira-Duarte

Senior Lecturer in BioEngineering

Dr Michael Grayling

Newcastle University Research Fellow

Dr Jason Gill

Reader in Molecular Therapeutics

Professor Diana Gregory-Smith

Professor of Marketing & Sustainability

Professor David Elliott

Professor of Genetics

Dr Jonathan Harburn

Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry

Dr Ian Hardcastle

Reader in Medicinal Chemistry

Professor Rakesh Heer

Professor of Urology

Dr Jun-yong Huang

Dr Alastair Greystoke

Clinical Senior Lecturer/Hon Consultant

Professor Matthew Collin

Professor of Haematology

Dr Paul Haigh

Lecturer in Communication

Dr Daniel Rico Rodriguez

Lecturer in Computational Biology - Head of Computational Epigenomics Laboratory

Dr Tommy Rennison

CRT Business Development Manager

Professor Neil Perkins

Deputy Dean-Biosciences Institute

Dr Aneta Mikulasova

Faculty Fellow

Dr Kofi Oppong

Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

Dr Stuart McCracken

Clinical Fellow/Honorary Consultant

Dr Ross Maxwell

Dr Felicity May

Senior Lecturer

Suzanne Kyle

Senior Research Technician

Nicole Phillips

Research Technician

Huw Thomas

Senior Research Associate

Dr Elaine Willmore

Senior Research Associate

Dr Richard Heath

Research Associate

Dr Yan Zhao

Research Associate

Dr Anita Wittner

Research Technician

Dr Arnaud Basle

Macromolecular Molecules X-ray Facilities Manager

Svitlana Korolchuk

Research Assistant

Dr Marco Salamina

Research Associate

Dr Jennyfer Goujon-Ricci

Research Associate

Dr Suzannah Harnor

Senior Research Associate

Dr Jessica Watt

Research Associate

Dr Hannah Stewart

Research Associate

Dr James Sanderson

Research Associate

Marion Prieri

Research Associate

Duncan Miller

Senior Research Associate

Dr Natalie Tatum

Research Associate

Dr Martyna Pastok

Research Associate

Dr Kirsty Wilson

Research Associate

Dr Claire Keeling

Clinical Research Associate

Dr Stacey Richardson

Research Associate

Dr Alice Iliasova

Research Associate in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology

Dr Stephen Crosier

Dean Thompson

Guest Status

Anya Fletcher

Dr Ed Schwalbe

Guest Status

Dr Rebecca Hill

Academic Clinical Lecturer

James Hacking

Research Technician

Dr Marina Danilenko

Research Associate

Marie Buttigieg

Research Technician

Jack Goddard

Jemma Castle

Dr Pawan Gulati

Senior Research Associate

Dr Kenneth Rankin

Consultant Orthopaedic Oncologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer

Dr Jérémie Nsengimana

Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics

Dr Adriana Buskin

Research Fellow

Dr Corey Chan

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr Oladipo Idowu

Research Associate Biomarker

Dan Whitaker

Research Assistant

Martin Galler

Research Associate

Dan Astley

Scientific Officer/Trials Analyst