Careers Service


Compliments, Comments and Complaints

The Careers Service welcomes suggestions for ways of improving the facilities and services on offer to all our users.

We are also delighted to receive compliments, so if you are happy with the service we provide, we would be delighted if you could tell us in person, by completing a ‘Your Feedback’ card (freely available in the Careers Service), or online, following the instructions below. With your permission, we may occasionally use complimentary quotes in Careers Service promotional materials.

Complaints related to work-related module assessment marks should be registered via the academic complaints procedure and not by means of the options outlined below.

Comments or complaints can be fed back to us in the following ways:

1. In person, by speaking to a member of staff

If you are unhappy with the response that you receive, or wish to register your comment or complaint more formally, you should use one of our 'Your Feedback' cards. These cards are available from leaflet racks and service points throughout the public area of the Careers Service. They can be used to make any comments about, or suggestions for, improvement in the Careers Service. These cards can also be used to register a complaint. You don't need to identify yourself unless you would like a reply or you think we might need to contact you for further details.

You may also have the opportunity at events and workshops delivered by Careers Service staff to complete feedback proforma. Completed cards should be given to any member of staff, or posted in the box in the Careers Service, or sent to the address provided. 

2. Online (students, graduates, university staff)

If you wish to submit a comment, compliment or complaint online, please email us at

3. Online (employers)

If you wish to submit a comment, compliment or complaint online, please email us at

In all cases, comments, compliments and complaints are passed immediately to the Director of the Careers Service or to the appropriate senior member of staff. These are kept on a database, along with the related results and actions.

Wherever possible, we will publicise changes we have made in our service as a result of your feedback.

Complaints procedure

If you register a complaint, we will acknowledge receipt, where contact details have been provided, within 3 working days.

The matter to which the complaint refers will be immediately and thoroughly investigated. It may be necessary to make contact with you to obtain more details. In the case of a student, if felt appropriate, we may also suggest a face-to-face meeting, at which another person such as a tutor, parent/guardian or other representative may accompany the complainant.

When the Careers Service Director is satisfied that the grievance has been suitably addressed, and the conclusion is satisfactory, a written response will be sent to the complainant detailing the findings of the investigation and any action which has been, or will be, taken. This response will be given at the earliest possible time and within 10 working days of receipt of the complaint.

If the complainant is dissatisfied with the response given, they should pursue the matter in the following way:

  • if you are a student at the University, by following the University Student Complaints Procedure and completing a Student Complaint Form, available from Students Services, Level 2, King’s Gate
  • if your complaint is about an assessed work-related module, the academic appeals procedure should be followed, if more appropriate
  • if you are another user of the service, by writing to Lucy Backhurst, Academic Registrar, King’s Gate, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU