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Career Development Module

Career Development Module

Graduate with the skills employers are looking for. Use your work experience, volunteering or part-time job to count towards your degree.

The Career Development Module is a 20 credit module completed over the course of the academic year. It's available to stage two and final year students on selected degree programmes. Check with your academic school to see if you are eligible to take part.

What's involved

You'll attend timetabled sessions and will complete work through Canvas throughout the year. These will support you in setting goals to work towards during your placement and developing your knowledge and skills.

You'll spend a minimum of 50 hours at your placement, with a minimum of 30 of these completed in semester 2 to fit in with module teaching and assessments. Placement visits should be managed to fit around your academic and other commitments and must be carried out over a period of at least eight weeks.

What you can do

There are three types of placement:

  • Student Tutoring; supporting learners in primary, secondary and special educational needs schools
  • Volunteering; pre-arranged by the Students' Union, either in the local community or on campus
  • Learning from Work; using your existing part-time work to develop knowledge and skills

The modules available are:

  • NCL2007 - for Stage 2 students
  • NCL3007 - for Stage 3/Final Year students
  • NCL3008 - for Stage 3/final Year students who have previously completed either NCL2007 or NCL3000 (Placement Year Module)

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