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Aphasia Therapy Resources

Therapy resources to support speech and language therapists working with people with aphasia.

Expert knowledge

Our aphasia therapy resources draw on research into aphasia and aphasia therapy.

We combine this with the expert knowledge of a large group of specialist speech and language therapists. They work with the Tavistock Aphasia Centre, based at Newcastle University.

They offer high quality aphasia therapy resources to help therapy planning and delivery. The therapy resources focus on particular areas of language processing. They recognise the person’s individual needs and help communication.

Made for speech and language therapists

The therapy resources comprise a manual and online material. The manuals:

  • provide theoretical background
  • discuss approaches to assessment and treatment
  • signpost the reader to the resources themselves

The resources are extensive and you can access them online. They cover two areas:

The Verb and Sentence resources focus on sentence processing. The offer particular emphasis on verb retrieval and sentence production.

The Auditory Processing resources focus on improving the auditory processing of single words.

Buying the resources

To buy packages, visit the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences online shop.

You can also send a purchase order to:

The Tavistock Aphasia Centre,

Speech and Language Sciences,

Newcastle University,

Queen Victoria Road,