School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences

Staff Profiles

Dr Christos Salis

Lecturer in Speech & Language Sciences


PhD in Neurolinguistics (2006)

MA in Clinical Linguistic Research (2002)

BSc (Hons) Speech Pathology & Therapy (2000)


Degree Programme Director - MSc in Language Pathology

Admissions Tutor - MSc in Language Pathology

Speech & Language Therapist at Tavistock Aphasia Centre (North East)

HCPC registered (SL06768)

RCSLT member (RC0016487)


Ongoing Research Projects in 2017-2018:

  1. Digital technology and aphasia (with Fiona Menger and Dr Julie Morris, Newcastle University)
  2. Speech-timing analyses of memory span in aphasia (with Professor Nadine Martin, Temple University, USA)
  3. Working memory training in aphasia (with Lilla Zakarias and Professor Isabel Wartenburger, University of Potsdam, Germany)
  4. Speech-timing analysis of spoken narratives in aphasia (with Dr Gayle DeDe, Temple University, USA)
  5. Functional memory measures in aphasia (with Professor Laura Murray, Western University, Canada, and Dr Jet Vonk, Columbia University, USA)
  6. Autobiographical memory in aphasia (with Dr Madeleine Pritchard and Dr Lucy Dipper, City University)


Semantic impairments in adult acquired communication disorders

Acquired dyslexia and dysgraphia

Language and cognition in normal and abnormal ageing (final year option)

Clinical supervision at the Tavistock Aphasia Centre (North East)