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Staff Profile

Staff Profile

Dr Lauren Ackerman

Research Associate

Dr Jalal-eddin Al-Tamimi

Senior Lecturer in Phonetics

Elaine Ashton

Research Associate

Francis Barber

Deputy Director (Projects), North Leadership Centre

Dr Wilma Barrow

Senior Lecturer Educational Psychology Joint Director DAppEdPsy Programme

Kate Benson

Speech and Language Therapist

Stephanie Bingham

NPQ Programme Director

Dr Adam Brandt

Senior Lecturer

Zoe Bright

School Manager

Chloe Burn

Teaching & Learning Administrator

Helen Burns

Senior Research Associate & Research Excellence Fellow

David Carr

School Office Co-ordinator

Professor Jill Clark

Professor of Participatory Research Methods and Executive Director of the Research Centre for Learning and Teaching

Fred Clark

Head of Education

Emeritus Professor Vivian Cook

Emeritus Professor

Frances Cook

Learning and Teaching Assistant

Luke Coverdale

Finance & Operations Administrator

Kim Cowie

Lecturer in Education

Professor Pauline Dixon

Professor of International Development and Education

Jennifer Dodds Vigouroux

Lecturer/Speech and Language Therapist, Director Tavistock Aphasia Centre

Dr Gail Edwards

Deborah Elliott

Programme Secretary, Applied Linguistics and TESOL

Dr Sara Ganassin


Professor Simon Gibbs

Professor of Inclusive Educational Psychology and Philosophy

Lisa Gilder

Deputy School Manager

Jon Haines

Lecturer, Secondary PGCE Science

Hayley Hands

Teaching Fellow

Nikki Hawley

Research Project Support Officer

Dr Spencer Hazel

Reader in Applied Linguistics & Communication

Lois Hodkinson

Clerical Assistant

Jan Holroyd

Programme Secretary MEd Practitioner Enquiry, PG Cert in Educational Leadership, ECLS Resource Centre Co-ordinator

Professor David Howard

Research Professor

Dr Steve Humble MBE

Senior Lecturer in International Development

Dr Gopal Iyer

Research Associate

Dr Christine Jack

Research Associate

Nina Jentl

Evaluation and Data Analyst / Research Assistant

Dr Hanneke Jones

Senior Lecturer in Education

Linda Jose

Lecturer in Speech & Lang. Scie.

Lynne Kay

Senior Teacher

Professor Ghada Khattab

Professor of Phonetics and Phonology

Roger Knill

Secondary PGCE tutor

Professor Rene Koglbauer

Dean of Lifelong Learning and Professional Practice | Director of Educational Leadership Centre

Karen Laing

Senior Research Associate

Professor David Leat

Prof of Curriculum Innovation

Dr Carolyn Letts

Senior Lecturer

Dr Christopher Leyland

Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

Dr Mei Lin

Senior Lecturer

Dr Elaine Lopez

Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

David Lumsdon

Senior Teacher

Alice Lupton

North Leadership Administrator

Lee Madderson

Senior Teacher

Professor Cristina McKean

Professor of Child Language Development and Disorders

Dr Fiona Menger

Dr Emma Miller

Associate Lecturer 21/22

Emeritus Professor Nick Miller

Emeritus Professor

Dr Julie Morris

Head of School

Janet Moss

Dr Carol Moxam

Director of The Children's Speech and Language Clinic

Maria Mroz

Helen Nazlie

Director of Clinical Education

Adele Nichol

Teaching and Learning Coordinator

Dr Richard Parker

Joint Degree Programme Director; DAppEdPsy Programme and Educational Psychologist

Mark Pearson

NLC Support Officer

Billy Peters

Senior Teacher

Emily Preston

Speech and Language Therapist

Allison Reid

Jill Richardson

Planning, Teaching & Learning Manager

Dr Nick Riches

Snr Lect in Speech & Language Pathology

Emerita Professor Sue Robson

Emerita Professor

Dr Christos Salis

Senior Lecturer in Speech & Language Sciences

Dr Müge Satar

Lecturer in Applied Linguistics and TESOL

Dr Alina Schartner

Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

Professor Paul Seedhouse

Professor of Educational and Applied Linguistics

Dr Peter Sercombe

Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

Dr Samantha Shields

Lecturer in Education

Dr Faye Smith

Lecturer in Speech and Language Sciences

Dr Heather Smith

Senior Lecturer

Dr Navaporn Snodin

Lecturer in Cross-Cultural Communication

Dr James Stanfield

Helen Stewart

BA Education Secretary

Dr Helen Stringer

Senior Lecturer/Speech and Language Therapist

Vivienne Sturgiss

Programme Secretary

Lucinda Somersett

Lecturer in Speech and Language Sciences

Ulrike Thomas

CfLaT Research Associate

Lucy Tiplady

Research Associate

Professor Liz Todd

Prof of Educational Inclusion

Dr Anastasia Trebacz

Research Associate

Professor Caroline Walker-Gleaves

Professor of Education

Professor Steve Walsh

Professor of Applied Linguistics

Dr Helen Wareham

Research Associate

Dr Janet Webster

Senior Lecturer

Dr Alison Whelan

Research Associate

Dr Laurence White

Senior Lecturer in Speech and Language Sciences

Stacey Wilson

Primary PGCE Programmes

Dr Pamela Woolner

Senior Lecturer in Education

Lydia Wysocki

Research Associate

Professor Tony Young

Professor of Applied Linguistics and Communication

Dr Raul Valdivia Murgueytio

Research Associate

Dr Vic Knowland

Lecturer in Speech and Language Sciences

Dr Kayo Kondo

Research Associate

Christian Kitson

Clerical Assistant

Georgia Hoyland

Clinical Programme Secretary

Charlotte Roskop

Clerical Assistant

Karen Hogg

Personal Assistant

Dr Deborah Ralls

Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow