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What Support is Available?

We offer a wide range of individual adjustments and support for disabled students.

Emergency and crisis support

Urgent and emergency care - ☎ 999

Papyrus Hopeline247 - ☎ 0800 068 4141

Wellbeing support

Our resources page offers support and advice

Request wellbeing support

We'll work with you via our Disability Service to identify and give you tailored support based on your needs.

The type of support we can offer includes:

  • teaching and learning adjustments
  • human support (also known as non-medical help)
  • examination and assessment adjustments
  • reasonable adjustments to your surroundings
  • libraries
  • IT and software support

We can also create a Student Support Plan (SSP) to share information about your individual support and adjustments with your academic school.

We don't cover:

  • daily living support - you can get that from your local authority if you're a UK student
  • medical support

Disability support links

Autism Support Network

The Autism Support Network (ASN) meets fortnightly on a Wednesday afternoon (15:00-17:00) to take part in activities and socialise. Activities can range from playing board games with pizza to learning how make various crafts, or even going on trips to different places in the region.

The ASN is open to anyone who identifies with or has a diagnosis of an autism spectrum condition.

Transition Event

This event takes place just before the start of each academic year to support your transition to university.

It is open to incoming Undergraduate and Postgraduate students who have/are pursuing/identifying with a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Condition and/or mental health condition. 

The event will be taking place Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th September.