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Student Stress

Explore effective solutions to manage student stress and thrive in your academic journey.

We’ve partnered with the NHS to bring you information on some of the most common issues our students face during their time at university.

Find out more about the symptoms, causes and support available from the NHS, the university and self-help resources.

NHS information 

Newcastle support

Academic Skills Kit

Our Academic Skills Kit has everything you need to develop your academic skills, from maths support and exam prep to essay writing. You can also find out about where you can go for more support.

Counselling support

Our Counselling Team support students through a provision of time-focused counselling, and by facilitating access to long-term counselling or specialist mental health care.

Listening support

Our Listening Support scheme offers you a one-off or regular conversation with a member of the Pastoral Care team.

Wellbeing workshops

We offer a variety of helpful wellbeing workshops, throughout the academic year to help you maintain or improve your wellbeing while you study here at Newcastle.

Self-help resources


SilverCloud offers online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) on a range of wellness programmes that you can sign yourself up to.

5 steps to mental wellbeing

5 simple steps that you can take every single day to improve your mental wellbeing.