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We are committed to supporting students who may have experienced coercive behaviour whilst at university.

Emergency and crisis support

Urgent and emergency care - ☎ 999

Papyrus Hopeline247 - ☎ 0800 068 4141

Wellbeing support

Our resources page offers support and advice

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Initiations, sometimes known as hazing or ragging, are events organised by student groups, societies or sports teams.

Members may coerce new students into behaviours that can be disrespectful, humiliating and potentially dangerous, often under the guise of team or social bonding.

Initiations often encourage:

  • drinking excessive amounts of alcohol very quickly - there's a direct correlation between drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in a short space of time and risk of death
  • committing criminal acts such as arson or theft, e.g. stealing traffic furniture
  • behaviour that could be humiliating, demeaning or degrading, like being forced to strip naked in public
  • committing offensive acts against people with protected characteristics, such as white t-shirt events where offensive slogans are written on t-shirts
  • actions that could bring the university into disrepute

We don't allow initiations at Newcastle University, and we'll investigate those involved.

To make a formal report of an initiation you've experienced or witnessed, you can email the Student Progress Service on We have a disciplinary procedure that you can read for more guidance.

If you witness an initiation at a club or society event, you can formally report it to the Students' Union using its online complaints form.

As well as seeking safe, confidential support and guidance from the , you can anonymously report what's happened to you via our online disclosure and referral form.