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Chaplaincy: Faith and Spirituality Support

Newcastle University plays host to an incredibly diverse student and staff community and actively welcomes students and staff members of all faiths and none.

Newcastle University provides a Chaplaincy Service to support you during your time here at the University. The Chaplaincy Service works within the remit of the Student Health and Wellbeing Service but is available to anyone within the University community (both colleagues and students) of all faiths and none.

The Chaplaincy Team is made up of members of different faith communities, currently comprising chaplains from the Jewish and Christian faiths. They are joined in their work by a group of honorary chaplains that are University staff members who bring a wider faith perspective and experience.

The team is committed to making the University a place of religious tolerance, diversity and respect where students and colleagues of all faiths and none can feel comfortable and supported.

The Chaplaincy at Newcastle University offers:

  • confidential listening and support
  • faith exploration
  • mindfulness sessions
  • space for prayer and reflection
  • signposting to local faith communities
  • opportunities for prayer and worship
  • spiritual accompaniment
  • events and socials

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Meet the Team

The Chaplaincy Team can be contacted by emailing

Faith and Spirituality Managment Team

  • Faith and Spirituality Support Coordinator - Matthew Prevett Telephone: 0191 208 6341
  • Faith and Spiritualty Facilities Manager - Owen Seth Telephone: 0191 208 5525 or 0191 208 5658

The Faith and Spirituality Team are based in Kings' Gate


The Team of Chaplains is also supported by a number of Honorary Chaplains around the University. 

If you are interested in joining the Chaplaincy Team please click here for details. 

Faith Societies

A number of faith societies are run by students through Newcastle University Students’ Union.

Catholic Society

Christian Union

Hindu and Sihk Society

Islamic Society

Jewish Society

The NUSU Students with Faith and Belief Officer can be contacted: