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Addressing Discrimination Through Programme Development

Addressing societal gender, geographical location, religious and caste discrimination through developing a life and employment skills course.

About the project

Colleagues from the School Education, Communication and Language Sciences are involved in a British Academy – Youth Futures (award £220,539, duration 2020-2022) research project.

Despite India's ongoing economic growth, young women continue to experience employment discrimination based upon their:

  • gender
  • caste
  • geographic location
  • religious beliefs

Further, Indian higher education is unable to deliver the employment skills that Indian employers seek. Consequently, Indian women's exclusion from employment has severe economic consequences.

This project looks to develop young Indian women’s agency and advocacy by empowering them to engage in wider Indian society. Through this engagement there will be an increase in social mobility and a heightening of the sense of global belonging. To achieve these aims, the project looks to co-create an employment and life skills programme with Bharati College, Delhi. This programme will develop and empower young women in making employment and life decisions to address discrimination encounters. This aims to create a greater sense of inclusion in Indian society and a wider sense of global citizenship.


  • Principle Investigator: Dr Andrew Lindridge (Newcastle University)
  • Co Investigator from the School Education, Communication and Language Sciences: Professor Pauline Dixon
  • Co Investigator from the School Education, Communication and Language Sciences: Dr Steve Humble
  • Co-Investigator: Dr Anoop Bhogal-Nair (De Montfort University)

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