Student Wellbeing

Mental Health and Disability

Mental Health and Disability


Newcastle University is committed to supporting our students throughout their academic studies.

In some cases students may present with multiple disabilities that fall across the disability, specialist learning and mental health categories.

In this instance the student would be assessed and supported by multiple members of the Disability Team.

We will work closely together to support students during their academic career at Newcastle University.

Learn more about our Disability Support.

Mental Health Team

The Mental Health Team provides schools with assessments and recommendations so appropriate adjustments can be made for students with mental health disabilities.

We help students with ongoing mental health disabilities and significant vulnerabilities to study in a safe and effective way by providing advice and practical support. With student consent, we can liaise with external mental health partners to help maintain wellbeing and aid with the transition into and out of University.

We also provide a telephone service via the Welfare Team which is available to anyone with concerns about the physical or mental wellbeing of a Newcastle University student.

Mental Health Team

Mental Health Disability Support

In order to access support from the mental health team, you’ll need to provide recent medical evidence from a relevant professional (eg GP, psychiatrist or psychologist) of your mental health disability, including, for example:

  • a diagnosis
  • whether the condition is long-term (usually lasting over a year or likely to do so)
  • whether the condition is fluctuating – if so, what the triggers are and when it’s at its worst (eg stress at exam time/deadlines)
  • the effect the mental health condition has upon learning/attendance at university
  • the impact, if any, on day-to-day activities

For more information about eligibility for Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs) or to discuss medical evidence, contact the mental health team. You can also download the supporting reimbursement form