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Student Initiations

Student Initiations

A statement from the Vice-Chancellor

‘Following the death of one of our students, Ed Farmer, as a result of an initiation event, I set up the Newcastle Student Initiations Group, bringing together colleagues from across the University and the city to consider how we tackle the inappropriate and often dangerous behaviours associated with this type of event.

Alongside this, I also led a working group with Universities UK (UUK) to develop national guidance and recommendations aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption and at encouraging a positive behaviour change among our students.

Universities are well-placed to drive a change in attitudes and to contribute to overall culture change around harassment and bullying and with the invaluable support and guidance of Ed’s parents, Jeremy and Helen, we have compiled the following guidance which will be shared widely across the institution.

I hope this national guidance and recommendations will be adopted by universities in this country and overseas to minimise the chances of anything like this happening again.’

- Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Chris Day

UUK Guidance and Support

In support of the recommendations in the UUK Initiations guidance, of which more information can be found here, Newcastle University provides anyone with the opportunity to anonymously report concerns they may have about initiations events and activities, students also have the option of reporting their concerns and receiving direct one-to-one support.

If you have concerns about dangerous initiations taking place at Newcastle University please use our report and support system.

Our Student Union has also provided specialist training for those who lead club and society events, this video highlights their commitment to student safety.