Student Wellbeing


We recognise that for some, alcohol can be part of university life and we want you to stay safe and well. This video animation highlights the risks of coercive drinking, excessive alcohol consumption and how ignoring signs of ill-health can have deadly consequences. Please take time to watch this video - it could save a life.

There is also a module you can complete on Canvas which will enable you to understand the ways in which excessive drinking can impact on your university experience. It covers both the social and health-related risks that can occur with a range of drinking behaviours.

The activities in the module encourage you to reflect and think critically about your relationship with alcohol and the consequences for yourself and others. It will also raise issues around consent, coercion and choice. You will also find plenty of additional resources and where to go to find support.

The webinar below also takes you through some reflections about alcohol and your relationships.


It is also important to understand that initiations involving coerced drinking is dangerous and can be fatal. You can tell us about any initiations you have experienced or seen, and seek help from our Survivor Support Service.

We outline useful services and additional guidance on our Resources and Useful Websites webpage

There are also external resources and useful websites to get more information.