Student Wellbeing


It is important to understand the many risks and impacts of drug use.

The University Student Drugs Policy: Reducing Harm outlines the approach we take on drug use and the impact on many things including your wellbeing, academic success, health and career. It also sets out the support we can provide to you, whether it be from your own drug use or somebody else’s. We also have some FAQ’s around the policy to set out how this approach applies to some situations.

The 3 minute animation below outlines the risks and impacts of drug use and gives some information on how to stay safe and look after others. 


There is also an online module on Canvas which gives more information about the dangers of drug use and how to reduce harm. It also signposts you to different forms of support if yours, or someone else's, drug use is impacting you.

Your Students' Union has a lot of great guidance on how to stay safe, drop in services and other support and resources.

There are also external resources and useful websites to get more information.