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Apply for Funds

Apply for Funds

Open access grants managed by the library.

UKRI open access grant

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) provide the university with a grant to support the cost of open access publishing for articles which need to acknowledge funding from UKRI or any of its councils (AHRCBBSRCEPSRCESRCMRCNERC and STFC, Innovate UK or Research England). If your paper acknowledges a UKRI funder you can apply for open access funding.

Apply for UKRI funds

Wellcome Trust open access grant

Researchers funded by the Wellcome Trust can apply for funds from the open access block grant provided by the trust.

Apply for Wellcome Trust funds

Cancer Research UK open access grant

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) provide a block grant to support the open access publishing costs of their researchers.

Apply for CRUK funds

British Heart Foundation open access grant

The British Heart Foundation provide the university with a block grant to support eligible costs for funded researchers. However, these funds are limited and payments can only be made subject to availability. Please do not assume funds will be available for your publication unless this has been confirmed by the open access team.

Apply for BHF funds 

Costing open access in grant applications

Other funders including the NIHR, European Commission, Blood Cancer UK and Parkinson’s UK allow open access costs to be included in grant applications. Where open access publication costs are permitted by the funder, the university statement on open access recommends projects include £6,000 as a directly incurred cost at application. To help with estimating costs for applications, a study of open access charges paid by UK universities in 2016 reported the average fee for an article was £1,905, with a median value of £1,800.

University funds for open access

The university does not have dedicated funds for open access other than the funder grants listed above. However, where no other funds are available to authors and under exceptional circumstances, open access charges may be paid by an author's academic unit or faculty. Requests will be considered on a case by case basis. If you are not sure who to contact in your unit, please contact the open access team

Open Access without costs

Your paper may be eligible for open access without additional cost through one of the transformative agreements we have with publishers. Please be aware that the eligibility criteria for these agreements vary and that the agreements the university participates in are subject to change. Some agreements limit the number of papers that may be made open access. Where this applies papers with corresponding authors who are an honorary member of staff, visitor, or otherwise affiliated with linked organisations (eg NHS trusts) will only be approved if specific funding is acknowledged 

Most publishing agreements allow authors to make subscription articles open access without cost via the green route. All you need do is upload the accepted manuscript to MyImpact and we will make this open access in ePrints in accordance with publisher terms. This will typically meet the open access requirements for REF and of many research funders.

Deposit in ePrints via MyImpact