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Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring

Information on the Peer Mentoring scheme, including upcoming training for mentors.

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Newcastle University is committed to offering Peer Mentoring to all undergraduate students entering their degree course, across all campuses.

Support for mentees

Through direct access to the advice and support of a more experienced peer during the first semester, new students are supported academically, socially and culturally. Peer Mentoring begins by mentors contacting their mentees before the start of their programme, with an initial meeting taking place during Induction Week. Mentors will then arrange further meetings throughout the first semester.

The peer mentors

Peer mentors are student volunteers who are usually in stage two or three of the same degree course. Peer mentors receive training before starting their role and are supported throughout the scheme by a nominated staff coordinator for each School.

Get involved

Our individual mentee and peer mentor pages provide further information and highlight the great benefits of taking part in the scheme: