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Digital and Information Skills

Digital and Information Skills

Working in partnership between the Library Liaison Team and academic colleagues to provide support for education with information and digital literacies

Digital and information literacies development

Newcastle University Library is committed to developing our students’ digital and information literacies to equip them for their time at University and beyond. Our Library Liaison Team collaborates with academic staff on the most appropriate ways to integrate information literacy skills in the curriculum, helping us to offer relevant and timely skills teaching.

Working in partnership

What the Library Liaison Team will do:

  • offer advice to help you identify your students’ information needs and how these might be addressed in a sustainable, accessible way
  • design lectures, workshops, blended learning (including VLE material) and other educational activities to meet your students’ specific needs, to be delivered by us or by you as mutually agreed
  • co-develop and co-teach sessions with you
  • review teaching sessions and embedded VLE material each year to continually improve them in conjunction with feedback from you and your students

What academic staff can do:

  • engage with us in early dialogue to plan ahead for teaching and how best information needs can be addressed (whether face to face, on the VLE or both), sharing with us any issues commonly arising in assessment or feedback
  • discuss with us the context of the teaching session or VLE material, where it sits in the programme/module/curriculum, when and how it is linked to assessment or learning outcomes
  • work with us to embed a teaching session at the optimal point in the module so that students can reflect on and put guidance into practice in a timely way in the context of their current work
  • if you require us to deliver a teaching session, request our availability when submitting a request to timetabling services
  • promote our teaching sessions to your students before and after teaching, along with our VLE material, to enable them to see the connections between the skills and competencies they can develop now which will help them in their chosen field
  • provide us with feedback on the impact of our teaching sessions and VLE materials on your students, to enable us to improve and refine our offer

What students can do:

  • take responsibility for your learning
  • participate fully in teaching sessions, offering input and asking questions
  • decide how to make the best use of the sources of help available to you for your needs, whether in person or online
  • provide us with feedback on Library teaching provision (whether face to face or the use of VLE materials), enabling us to improve and refine our offer to you and other students.

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your students’ information literacies development further. Please contact your School’s Liaison Librarian.

The scheduling of teaching is dependent on resourcing and availability. Due to high demand for teaching sessions and our other activities, we may not be able to accommodate all requests. We aim to prioritise sessions, which are fully embedded in modules.

Embedded skills in practice

Explore sample lesson plans and examples of information and digital literacies development programmes.

What I like the most is the fact that you tailor the approach and content of the lecture to fit the module and specific assessment. It is great for students, as they can directly relate their preparation activities to this and use the lessons learned.