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About the Library

Newcastle University Library is a multiple award winning service consisting of four buildings on campus and one off campus facility.

Newcastle University Library is home to over 0.8 million print books, over 0.7 million e-books and over 54,000 e-journal titles.

Find out more below about our individual buildings, study spaces, services, facilities and more.

Philip Robinson Library

Opened in 1982, the Philip Robinson Library is the main campus Library and has resources for all subjects except medicine and law. It was named after Philip Robinson, a bookseller in the city and benefactor to the Library.

  • over 1,680 study spaces 
  • over 420 desktop PCs
  • 24 group study rooms including 8 accessible study rooms, all bookable online
  • two research spaces on levels 3 and 4
  • postgraduate study room
  • media room with audio and microfilm collections
  • Print Services located on Level 1
Image of the Philip Robinson Library exterior

Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms

Situated a short walk away from the main campus Library, the Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms is a truly digital Library, offering a variety of spaces to study, think, learn, collaborate and consult. Opened in January 2016, it is named after Marjorie Robinson, the wife of Philip Robinson. 

  • over 760 study spaces including 11 study booths
  • 16 group study rooms and 2 boardroom-style workrooms
  • 1 Chatterbox – a place to Skype and video conference
  • over 260 desktop PCs
  • Academic Skills Room with 40 computers
Image of  exterior of Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms

Walton Library

The Walton Library is the faculty Library for Medical Sciences. It serves the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology and Biomedical Sciences as well as the Graduate School and research institutes of the faculty. It is named after Lord John Walton, former Dean of Medicine at the University and renowned neurologist.

  • opened in 1984 and located in the Medical School
  • over 590 study spaces
  • over 120 desktop PCs
  • over 150 individual spaces with power
  • 15 group study rooms including accessible study room
Student reading text book between shelves in Walton Library

Law Library

The Law Library is located in Newcastle Law School and provides extensive resources for all those engaged in learning and researching law.

  • first opened in 1925 and then located in Newcastle Law School in 1977
  • over 125 study spaces
  • over 80 individual spaces with power
  • cluster PCs and laptop loans
  • group study rooms
  • use of common room area in Newcastle Law School
Image of interior of Law Library

Research Reserve

Newcastle University Library has access to state-of-the-art off campus storage facilities, meaning we can hold less used material for much longer than some other academic libraries. The Research Reserve currently houses back runs of journals and books as well as music scores and other material. 

  • situated five miles from the main campus on the Team Valley Trading Estate in Gateshead
  • around 400,000 Library items stored all fully catalogued
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to the University network
  • shelving capacity is 26 kilometres (spreading our stock in a long line from Newcastle University Library, up the A1 to Morpeth!)
  • researchers can visit by appointment.
Photograph of the Research Reserve Library